Light up a Heart this Christmas with Welsh Hearts

For every minute without a defibrillator, you’re 10% less likely to survive a cardiac arrest. Help us fill Wales with defibrillators by donating this Christmas.

Hearts of Gold


Every year in Wales over 8,000 will die prematurely of undiagnosed heart conditions.

Since 2013, Welsh Hearts has played a leading role in improving heart health in Wales. It is our mission to continue to provide public-access defibrillators throughout Wales, to continue to grow the army of individuals who are fully trained in CPR and defibrillator usage and to lead the campaign for better awareness of cardiovascular health in Wales through events such as our heart screening sessions.

Your donation will not only celebrate your loved one’s life but will help us fight Wales’ biggest killer - heart disease. Every single penny we raise stays in Wales and will contribute towards providing life saving equipment or skills into communities and schools across Wales.

£75 donation will allow us to screen someone for underlying heart conditions

£100 will help buy training equipment

£895 will help us fund a defibrillator in your community

Any donation, no matter how big or small will have a huge impact on what we are able to achieve. 

Donate in Memory Today

We know anniversaries and special occasions like Christmas are always emotional times, especially if you’ve lost someone you love. Our Hearts of Gold Christmas Appeal will give you a chance to remember a loved one in a special way by lighting up a heart in their honour to celebrate their life this Christmas.



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